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Where are you from? Luckily, our guides are nearby and they make up some story that we are from the dutch tourism board. The hardloop local governor invites us to his office, but we politely decline (and give him the finger when hes out of sight). All good things come to an end. Thanks to our guides, who both speak terrific English and complement each other superbly, we have been treated to an unforgettable experience. Chin calls his wife to book our tickets for the nightbus from quan Ngai to beach resort Nha Trang. Service doesnt stop here after youve paid. Spencer makes sure we dont miss our bus, takes the next one himself and even says hello in the middle of the night when we stop to stretch our legs. Nha Trang and Dalat, we are now supposed to be in the bohemian, former French hillside town of Dalat. However, we took (another) day off for administrative purposes to plan our final days in vietnam (ho chi minh, mekong Delta and a derelict beach).

vlugge gerechtjes

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Many have converted after some French diplomacy to good verbranden old Catholocism. This hasnt stopped them from leading their own lives. . Children, cows, chicken, pigs and dogs (the latter dead and alive citroen run around freely (well, the dead dogs dont ofcourse) and most of the people in these villages dont speak vietnamese. Chin tells us about the downside of marriages within ones family (diplomatic enough?) and rising alcoholism. We hit the mountains once more and drive through lush, cool villages smelling of pine trees, where well-off vietnamese are building getaway villas. On our way back, we pass through an amazing valley and get off our bikes. Nothing but a river, local people working in rice fields and superb panoramas. Time stands still and we do nothing but take it all. You could stand here forever. Just then, we are rudely awakened by some local apparatsjik that asks us what we are doing: no pictures!

vlugge gerechtjes

a local orphanage. Feeling somewhat guilty for popping in and the leaving these children, we hand out fruit and play with some of them. Needless to say, a place likes this puts you back in place. Excuse my French: we are f* lucky living the lives. Spencer runs into an old Scottish buddy (living in Whitehaven!  who has given up his life for the good cause. Next up is a visit to several friendly and warm Montagnard tribes. Again, we cant remember all of the namesI think theyr called Bahnar and Mnong.

Buikspieren trainen op een effectieve manier fitwinkel

Buikspieren trainen op een effectieve manier fitwinkel

You can see charlie hill from afar, but cant visit. Apparently, the area is still scattered with mines. Before we hit our final destination for the day (Kontum we stop osco at a rubber and a coffee plantation. Vietnam has left its wars behind and is seriously moving up in the world (well, at least in the ranks of south-East Asia). From an importer busy fending off foreign intruders, it has become one of the top exporters of rice, coffee and rubber. Spencer takes out his pocketknife and makes a cut in one of the trees. The white stuff that comes out which I dangerously mistake for coconot juice almost instantly turns into rubber. We hit Kontum and are knock-out. No rest for the wicked though. Our room had now windows and the matrasswellconcrete! Day 3 kontum to final destination quan Ngai.

Sadly and somewhat luckily at the same time, spencers uncle had to arrest his brother when the war ended and put him in jail for one year. Spencer added that they were never allowed to mention the war during family meetings and that he hid secretly to listen to his dad and his comrades talking about the war. We roll into a somewhat obsure place called dak to, a major battlefield during the American War. The Americans had a massive airbase here, which bordered two other countries: laos and Cambodia. An ideal base to oversea operations. Whilst the Americans and their southern colleagues sent expensive and educated generals to this area, uncle ho ordered his northern soldiers to infiltrate with the local people, win their loyalty and learn all about the area. In 1972 dak to was the scene of fierce fighting and one of last big clashes before the Americans pulled out. Their money and intelligence had lost against the loyalty and determination of their enemies. The nearby Charlies Hill (Charlie is now a dirty word) was a south vietnamese stronghold and the setting for another massive battlefield that the west has forgotten about (war vets, ofcourse, have not). The vietcong  kept belting Colonel Ngoc Mins southern troops for one and a half months before he gave.

Day 2 town of which name ive lost to kontum. We finally hit the mountains and cruise the ho chi minh Highway: @Vicky: be proud of your country and people; they are wonderful! @ guido: as an experienced motorbike man, you must go here! Along large parts of this highway, you can walk over bits and pieces of the original ho chi minh Trail, the route used by the vietcong to smuggle weapons, food and men to the south and bypass American bombers. Men and women moved by night to uncover this trail by hand. They then covered their tracks before morning fell. It took them months, even years, to reach their destiny. The scenery is breathtaking. During one of our stops, Spencer tells us just how much the war has split this country in two. His grandfather lived in hue, on the border between north and south. To increase his familys chances of survival, he sent one son (Spencers uncle) to northern, vietcong ruled vietnam and the other son (Spencers father) to southern, arvn and American controlled vietnam. Grandfather then decided to split himself in half and work for both sides.

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The guides then dropped us of at the ancient Cham village. My son, set in a jungle valley. We walked around in the blistering heat to take a look at this mini Angkor Wat. Except for one site, tragically most of these hindu sites dieet were completely damaged thanks to the lenghty Franco and American Warswhat a waste! Mars talked to some malaysian women, who insisted we exchanged notes. As I tried to jot down her email address, she kept ordering me to continue. Dont boss me around in 40 degrees Celsius! As were moving further though the province of quang Nam and closer and closer to the hills and the famous ho chi minh Highway and Trail, we stopped to visit a minority tribe called theIm not sure, but think its the cotu. Check this little article in the hoian Post. Tired from the bumpy ride and with our heads spinning of all these new impressions, we first ate some fresh pineapple along the road and then arrived in a somewhat gloomy town of which the name has now escaped. Our hotel hosts the occasional tourist, but is otherwise inhabited by adventurers and engineers (we ran into a huge American who had been their for years) seeking their luck in the nearby gold mines. We fell asleep and dreamt of endless fields of gold. vlugge gerechtjes

As all the pijn youngster have fled to chase their dreams in the city, there are only eight families left to keep their trade alive. Mat took a swing andfailed miserably. He paid of his guilt by buying a useless souvenir (what a loser!). Next up was a bronze village, where they had turned the left-overs of American explosives into all sorts. We even saw a look-a-like of the european cup! The last little stop before we hit the dusty backroads was a tiny, family run silk factory. In a small wooden shed with a very low ceiling laser a woman was working on three machines at the same time, producing the finest silk. We watched in sheer amazement. The shed was set in a beautiful little village, surrounded by the lushest rice paddies. We had finally hit the real Nam!

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We are sat next to a young Dutch couple from The hague who are also on a sabbatical and talk about how lucky we are to be here. Mars and I go for a night cap at the red Apple Club, but feel out of place in a crowd of hammered youngsters looking to score. Highway to hell blasts through the speakers, when we decide to hit the sack and wake up to another day of sun, sea and shameless relaxationlife is all hartkloppingen good. I think weve deserved it, as weve just done three days of hardcore easy riding through the central Highlands and have survived just another ride on a sleeper bus. A couple of days ago god knows which day it is now (the joys of travelling) we were having lunch in hoian and pondering our next move, when we were approached by the all smiles. After the usual chit chat, he asked us if we wanted to be the next Dennis Hopper (Mat) and Petra fonda (Mars). Wed heard about these easy rider guys and after asking around we decided to follow our instincts and take up Chins offer (nothing comes for free though: Easy riders charge you between 55 and 75 a day). Day 1 hoian to quan Nam. The next morning Chin and his buddy Spencer (by no means the. Bud Spencer type) picked us up on their Hondas. First port of call was an old pottery village just outside of hoi.

vlugge gerechtjes

We hear them talking to a vietnamese-australian girl and telling her they got attacked by a couple of vietnamese hookers because they were talking to some russian ones. They were chased throughout Nha Trang by a gang of high-heeled ladies and their pimps. . One of the blokes has a bruised nose and his camera has been stolen. We then walk to a place on the beach called louisane Brewery for a passion fruit white beer (dont even ask) and a mojito. The prices are high for vietnamese standards, but we get our moneys worth; yet another of Mats fellow countrymen draws our attention. He must be in his forties, but looks like hes just finished his A-levels and is enjoying a gap year. He sits by himself downing a bottle of Absolut vodka, taking funny pictures in slightly disturbing poses, telling the overly polite waiters about his sexual escapades with local ladies and phoning his ex to say he misses her. Mind you: its 5pm. We are laughing our heads off. We go for dinner in a really nice place called Lanters, where part of the proceeds go towards a local orphanage.

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A blog post in English, just to please all our readers. In the end, ive not included a small summary in Dutch at the bottom of the page. Two days of Nha Trang. A hersenen room for 12 bucks in walking distance of the beach. A book, cold beer, cocktail and the occasional stroll to the toilet or a restaurant. Nothing more, nothing less. Weve landed in vietnams beach capital. Famous for its beautiful long beach and turquoise water. Infamous for its pimps, players, pickpockets and hookers. We get the feeling that some of these stories are slighlty exaggerated, until we come across two English fellows kuur and their old man who have just spent a fortune on fresh lobster.

Vlugge gerechtjes
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vlugge gerechtjes Ycikykes, Sat, May, 05, 2018

Vlugge japie was gebaseerd op een vroegere chauffeur en geluidstechnicus van Aad en Bas van toor. Hij zei vaker: ho, ho, niet zo jagen en dat horen we in de serie ook vaker terug. Zijn naam kreeg hij omdat hij binnen no-time kluizen kon open maken.

vlugge gerechtjes Esilu, Sat, May, 05, 2018

Hij sprak het altijd uit als b én nul nul. Lees ook: 10 dingen die alleen echte bassie- en Adriaan-fans weten. Vlugge japie zal je misschien bekender voorkomen en zoals je wellicht weet, wordt deze gespeeld door Bas van toor. Dit is ook de persoon achter het personage bassie, de clown. Hij had ook een aantal kenmerkende eigenschappen in de serie.

vlugge gerechtjes Byzosaz, Sat, May, 05, 2018

Ze moeten altijd mij hebben. Steevast in elke aflevering overkwam hem iets, meestal domme pech. Zijn naam kwam voort uit het feit dat hij de honderdste boef was die aangenomen werd door de baron. Zijn echte naam werd echter nooit prijsgegeven in de uitzendingen van Bassie en Adriaan. Waar iedereen deze boef standaard B honderd noemde, had hij een andere naam voor zichzelf.

vlugge gerechtjes Ajuxihy, Sat, May, 05, 2018

Uiteraard hadden alle karakters een aantal herkenbare kenmerken. Lees ook: dit was m dus: de man achter de plaaggeest van Bassie en Adriaan! Advertentie, eén van de"s van B100 was: ik heb ook altijd pech.

vlugge gerechtjes Zogozyda, Sat, May, 05, 2018

Wij zoeken vandaag uit hoe het nu gaat met de drie bad guys, Vlugge japie, b100 en B2 in de serie. Hoe zat het ook alweer? In Bassie en Adriaan speelde de boeven steevast een grote rol die het leven van Bassie en Adriaan probeerde te vervloeken. Aangevoerd door de baron, knapten Vlugge japie en B100 de vuile klusjes op, ieder op zijn eigen manier.

vlugge gerechtjes Nodoci, Sat, May, 05, 2018

Summary, dutch to german: more detail. Met vlugge pasjes gaan: Dutch met vlugge pasjes gaan: Translation Matrix for met vlugge pasjes gaan: Related Translations for met vlugge pasjes gaan. 6 maanden ago6 maanden ago, wie is er niet groot mee geworden: Bassie en Adriaan.

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