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In his quest to become wealthy, prescott. Bush collaborated with both the nazis and the japanese before the war broke out, and through the years after pearl Harbor. If you do a little research, youll find that there are many dark and sinister things hiding in the attic of the whole bush familys history. Prescott Bushs grandfather William Stamps Farish sold the japanese the gasoline used in the attack on pearl Harbor. Prescott Bush and his father-in-law george herbert Walker were directors of the london-affiliated New York banking house of Brown Brothers Harriman diarree and its various nazi money laundering fronts. This Bank was owned by the rothschilds a jewish family one of the top Illuminati blood lines which control the central Bank of England, which was started and owned by the jesuits who own the bank of Rome and numerous Central Banks around the world. These banks finance the military-industrial complex behind Hitler and the nazi war Machine. Out of the 26 individual partners of Brown Brothers Harriman, nine were members of the skull and Bones society. Prescott s bush was a nazi collaborator who funded Hitler when the fascist mass murder could not find any backers. And even after the war was over, Prescott.

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The inter-connections between these groups has always been kept a secret. They are purposely meant to be confusing to most people, to hide those who are behind the evil anarchy that controls the United States and Great Britain. The Illuminati is an evil spider web of secret societies who consider themselves to be the enlightened ones, who have gained great wealth and positions of power boodschappen through their control of the worlds Banking systems. At least a dozen Bones men have been involved in running the federal Reserve. And Twelve out of fourteen of the presidential candidates in the last election were members of the counsel of Foreign Relation (CFR) which is the American branch of the Illuminati. Bush bedreigde joined skull and Bones (the Illuminati) in 1917. Adolf Hitler joined the german Brotherhood of death Society (Skull bones) in 1919, and they selected Hitler to be their leader of the new World Order. Bush was inducted in 1948, and george. Bush was famous for robbing the skull from Geronimos grave and taking it back to his skull and Bones Society at Yale University. What he is not as famous for was his financial backing and support of Adolf Hitler, the nazi storm Troopers, auschwitz death camp, and the german War Machine he had helped to build.

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treasury bonds to germany, both. President george walker Bushs grandfather (Prescott Bush) and great grandfather (George herbert Walker) were among Wall Streets ultra-right wing elite. Before wwii, they were among the key players who coordinated the flow of investments from American multimillionaires into germany. They profited greatly by helping to provide the American financing for Germanys rearmament and Hitlers rise to power, and in June of 1936 Prescott Bush hired a lawyer to help hide all of his assets from his nazi blood money. The lawyer he hired was Allen Dulles. During the war Walker, harriman and Bush profited from financing Hitler from companies which included Union Banking Corporation, American Ship and Commerce company, consolidated Silesian Steel Corporation, hamburg-Amerika lines, harriman Fifteen Corporation, harriman International Company, holland-American Trading Company, steamless Steel Corporation or the silesian-American Corporation. Then, after the war was over, Prescott Bush was instrumental in helping to smuggle nazi war criminals, art treasures and gold, out of the country. Very few people know this, but the Illuminati, skull and Bones, nazi party, vatican, jesuits, Black pope, bush family, and 9/11 are all linked together for the purpose of advancing the agenda of the International Bankers and the new World Order. This War between good and extreme evil has never ended, it is still going on today! Skull and Bones is a springboard for young men to be brought in, trained, conditioned, and endowed with the doctrines of the occult and the Illuminati, the Freemasons, skull and Bones, counsel on Foreign Relation, and its most powerful members belonging to the bilderberg Group.

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Harriman and., and Union Banking Corporation. He was also co-founder of Brown Brothers, harriman, wall Streets oldest and largest private investment house, and for many years, the vriendin worlds largest, private bank. George herbert Walker was. Louis banker/stock broker and corporate wheeler-dealer who had insider business contracts with the premier families of Americas robber baron era; the. Morgan, rockefeller, vanderbilt, Whitney, and Harriman families. In reality, hitlers rise to power was only possible due to financial and logistical support given by Fritz Thyssen and the super wealthy wall Street and London financiers, including Prescott Bush, george herbert Walker, and averell Harriman, among others. In turn, these individuals profited enormously from the war they helped create. The major voor part of the bush family fortune is due to the hitler Project, which included the slave labor concentration camp at Auschwitz. Although Bush, walker, the harrimans, and the bones-men in the Union Banking Corporation were found guilty of treason under the Trading with the Enemies Act in 1942, their identities were never revealed by the media. Meanwhile, by the end of wwii in 1945, their support of Hitler had resulted in the death of 62,537,400 people. The Union Banking Corporation started shipping billions of dollars in gold bullion in 1928 on the hamburg-Amerika line (the worlds largest private shipping line, to retool German factories and build steel and coal plants to finance the secret rearmament of Germany, and its industrial reorganization.

Fritz Thyssen had also become one of the major contributors to hitlers nazi movement in the late 1920s. After having heard Adolph Hitler speak several times: in 1928 Thyssen had bought the barlow Palace on Briennerstrasse, in Munich, which Hitler converted into the Brown house, the headquarters of the nazi party. Fritz Thyssen had became mesmerized by hitler and joined the nazi party in 1931. He boasts in his Autobiography of backing Hitler in his earliest days when the national Socialists were still considered nothing but a radical fringe party. Fritz Thyssen had to step in several times to bail out the struggling party. Fritz Thyssen said: I realized Hitlers orator gifts and his ability to lead the masses. What impressed me most however was the order that reigned over his meetings and the almost military discipline of his followers. Prescott Bush was the go between between Fritz Thyssen and the wall Street Bankers and directors and presidents. Walker and.,. Morgan and., guaranty Trust.,.

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It was at this time that preliminary arrangements were made to establish a bank for Fritz Thyssen in New York. Two years later, in 1924,. Formally began the Union Banking Corporation in Manhattan, chiefly to handle german Funds supplied through the Thyssen-owned nazi front Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart (bhs in the netherlands, for the mass purchase of American commodities. Executives labeled these dealing as the hitler Project. Prescott Bush had married Dorothy walker the daughter of george herbert Walker in 1921, and in 1924 Prescott Bushs father-in-law a wealthy banker set him up in business in New York with averill Harriman the wealthy son of railroad magnate. Harriman in New York, who had gone into the banking business. One of the first jobs Walker gave prescott Bush was to manage Union Banking Corporation, of which Bush was one of the founding members of the bank and one of the seven directors listed on the Incorporation documents. The bank was set up by harriman and Walker to provide. Bank for the Thyssens, germanys richest and most powerful industrial family. Fritz Thyssen had set up a network fruit of Banks and shell companies overseas where his financial assets and gold could be sent, if suddenly they became threatened by war or government seizure. The Thyssen family owned the largest steel and coal Company in Germany and August Thyssen, the founder of the dynasty had been a major supplier of weapons to the german Army in the first world War and had lost a lot of his assets after. He and his sons Fritz and heinrich established a network of overseas banks and companies so that their assets and money could be whisked offshore if threatened again. melk maagpijn

Government awarded him aanval another huge contract to make armor casings for wwii. Over the years the bushs, harrimans, and Remingtons became good friends and a prosperous alliance grew between these families, one that would endure for many years. Using the facade of being a government agency to legitimize their covert operations of secretly selling weapons to both sides of numerous conflicts all over the world. The war Industries board was puistjes the forerunner of our present day military industrial complex and the creators of the cia and the oss. A small elite group of corporate manufactures, bankers, and industrialists had formulated a devilishly effective method by which huge profits could be extracted from human suffering, war, and death, and their dark techniques would be repeated and refined over the years. In 1919, george herbert Walker organized the. Private bank and became its president and ceo. He went on to co-found Brown Brothers, harriman, which for many years was the largest private bank in the world. In 1922 george herbert Walker, was president. Harriman co, when averell Harriman went to berlin to set up a branch bank for the company. While in Berlin averell Harriman met with Fritz Thyssen. Fritz Thyssen owned the largest steel and coal Company in Germany and his family had grown rich supplying weapons and munitions to the germany army during World War i, and was one of the initial supporters of a charismatic politician named Adolph Hitler.

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Bush and the other board members amassed great fortunes selling the weapons and materials of war not only to America but also to germany. The war Industries board profited in excess of 200,000,000 from World War i, and the members of the board aptly became known as the merchants of death. By the end of World War i, some 37,508,686 people had been killed. Schuyler Ebbets states that: The war Industries board, was an unholy alliance between government and big munitions corporation of the day, and was the fore-runner of todays military-industrial complex. Congressional committee hearings in 1934 chaired. Senator Gerald nye attached Samuel Bush and other members of the war Industries board as war profiteers and called them Merchants of death. The committee found that sales men from these companies had helped to manipulate the nations into world War i and the corporations then made astronomical profits from the sales of weapons, all at taxpayer expense, of course. In 1914, the german army under the kaiser, afvallen armed mainly by samuel Bush, was the largest and best armed in the world. After wwi, the german army was forced to disarm, but Bush was allowed to keep his many millions, and his arms business thrived. Bush went on to become the first president of the national Association of Manufacturers; and in 1944, the.

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Afghanistan Wars of healthcity 1980s and 2001 over 1 million. Other miscellaneous Wars started by the cia 5 million. Russians killed in one decade in wwi and under Lenin and Stalin 75 million. Chinese killed by mao tse tung 100 million. Rough total over 289 million people. In 1915 Samuel. Bush the father of Prescott Bush, was the President of the buckeye steel in Columbus and gained considerable wealth making rails and train parts for rail-road Baron. Samuel Bush was also the director of Remington Arms Company one of the nations leading weapons manufactures, and on the board of directors of the war Industries board, and was the so-called Chief of Ordnance for the Small Arms and Ammunition Section. The war Industries board represented the big munitions makers of the day and would dispatch their agents around the globe to sell weapons and materials of war to both sides of any conflict. It was during the first World War that Samuel.

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Monday, october 4, 2010, source: if you would like to buy this book in enhanced ebook format with videos and pictures, click here to purchase from Amazon. Nothing can compare to the secret history of gebruikt the bush Familys last four Generations of mass murder and War-Profiteering. Schuyler Ebberts said: no dictator or tyrant can equal the suffering and destruction that the bush Family has brought upon the world, as they are not mere tyrants themselves, but the financial makers and breakers of the dictators and tyrants, the organizers and profiteers. They are not acting alone; they work directly for all their elite banking Family friends, and are among the persons mainly responsible for creating the shadow government, the cia and the oss, and the present day military industrial complex. Since 1915 the bush family has been directly involved in World War One and Two, the korean War, the vietnam War, numerous cia secret wars, the gulf War, and now a never Ending War against Terror. For the last four generations, this family has had a hand in promoting and profiting from most of the major wars that America has ended up fighting since the beginning of the industrial age. Roughly the total number of people that have been killed so that Bush Family and their New World Bankster Family friends can make huge profits on selling oil and weapons for War. World War I 37 million, world War ii 62 million. Korean War 3 million, southeast Asian Wars (Vietnam, laos and Cambodia) 6 million. Iraq War (1991-2000) about 3 million.

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Oorzaken van darmproblemen, bovengenoemde darmproblematiek wordt veelal veroorzaakt door virussen, bacteriën en schimmels in het maag-darmstelsel. Ook afwijkingen van de darmen zoals een darm torsie, darm verkleving, darm divertikel, darm invaginatie of dolichocolon kan darmproblemen veroorzaken. Daarnaast kunnen zich zweren, poliepen of cysten vormen in de darmen.

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Steken krampen in de buikstreek, darm verstopping (obstipatie / constipatie winderigheid (evt. Natte scheten diarree (dunne waterige ontlasting). Droge harde ontlasting, opgeblazen gevoel, een letterlijk opgeblazen buik, prikkelbare, darm, syndroom pDS ).

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Als er echter iets mis gaat met je spijsvertering, dan ontstaan darmklachten ofwel darmproblemen. Verschillende darmklachten darmproblemen, mankementen. Je spijsvertering kunnen leiden tot allerlei darmklachten. De meest voorkomende darmproblemen zijn: Lage buikpijn.

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Je maag en darmen vormen gezamenlijk je maag-darmstelsel. Je maag-darmstelsel is samen met je mond en slokdarm verantwoordelijk voor je spijsvertering ofwel voedselvertering. De belangrijkste functies van je spijsvertering zijn als volgt: Opname van energie uit voedsel, opname van voedingsstoffen, uitscheiding van afvalstoffen, een optimale spijsvertering verloopt probleemloos pijnloos.

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